Saturday, December 10, 2011

NBDA Adds "Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age" to Member Resources

 A big thank you to the NBDA for providing Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age to its member offerings.  If you are an NBDA member and you have not yet purchased your copy, they are offering a 20% discount/

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Videos for Bike Shops - Huge ROI for Bike Shop YouTube Videos

Roughly 50% of my business comes from the over 50 videos that I have of my amazing self on YouTube.  :  )  But the secret for almost all clients is to have those 50 videos.  47 of those 50 do almost nothing for me.  Three of them are consistent producers.  Now if you or my clients were paying $300 or more each for those videos, (the going rate) it would still probably be worth it to have $15,000 in online presence through videos.  However, we include 5 videos a month in our basic plan, so the videos cost more like $100 each.  Two bike sales from those videos would give you a solid ROI on that investment. 

And the cool thing about the videos.  They will still be bringing in business three years from now.  So, if you spend $5000 on videos and they bring in $1000 per month in profits, then over three years were talking about $36,000 for the $5000.  I'll take all of those I can get. 

My goal for 2012.  Put up at least 50 more videos and try not to scare too many little kids with those.  Your goal should be to put up 50 videos, too.  I'm willing to bet that it will be the best advertising you've ever done.

Google Plus for Bike Shops - Add Google+ Page and Google+ to All Online Resources

 Add Google Plus Page and Google+ to all online resources

Ahhh Social Media.  The elusive world.  Most of us are still waiting for our first confirmed order off of Facebook, much less Twitter or Linked In.  However, what counts as social media.  I consider blogs and YouTube to be social media and I can point to huge amounts of business from YouTube and solid results from blogs. 

So, where does Google+ fit into all of this.  We are studying it almost constantly and don't really know yet.  However, there are some very cool functions such as hang outs that have some real potential.  For now, we are recommending that you sign up for Google+ and fully fill out the profile and other info for a Google+ page.  Then you'll be ready for the next step.  And we will keep you filled in on what that is.

We will have tons of new information on this subject within December 2011 on the portal. 

BIke Shops Are Uniquely Suited for Mobile Apps

We have been digging deeply into the Mobile Website vs Mobile App debate.  We have come to various conclusions.  For some clients, the mobile website is all they need right now.  For some clients there is a crying need and benefit to an app.  And as with all things, the early adopters will have an advantage over the Johnny-come- latelies.  For bike shops, the app makes total sense.

For instance, some of my clients who jumped on email collections early, now have 4000 and more names in their list.  Those who came later have under 1000.  With Apps, you can send out notices to those who download your App.  Imagine that you had 1000 or 4000 folks getting notices from you on their iPhone App.  WOW!

Apps commonly cost $3000 and up.  But I have purchased a system which will allow me to create apps for around $750.  There are ongoing costs for hosting and the servers and changes and such.  So this one has an ongoing cost of $70 per month. 

You can include lots of great elements for your bike shop app.

1.  Event calendar - Your store events and area events
2.  Special Coupon section for app users
3.  Local trails.  These can be interactive.  Add great stops for lunch and views.
4.  Add eCommerce.  Show products and online checkout.
5.  Easy road side repair texts or videos in App size.
6.  One click phone call to your store
7.  Send out Push Notifications
8.  Use QR codes for in store specials

If you would be interested in a quote for your shop, just call Randy at 310-910-1848.  Approximate cost is $750 depending on content.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mobile Website a Must for Bicycle Retailers in 2012

Here is the top of the list for things bicycle retailers (and every other business for that matter) need to do in 2012 to keep up with the competition.  As a bicycle shop owner you need to convert your website to mobile

Go ahead.  Check yourself out.  Use your Iphone or Android phone and see what your website looks like on the phone.  Probably not that great or usable, and the navigation is probably impossible to use.  Google is now providing device information in the analytics.  We checked on one of our restaurant clients and 25% of all traffic to their website was coming from mobile devices.  We checked a bike shop and 15% was mobile.  Mostly iPad and iPhone, but plenty of Android, too.

So, you and I need to make our websites look pretty and useful on this fast growing way to communicate and advertise.  And there are things about the reasons for using a phone that need to be updated as well.  For instance, having an autodial feature on page one. 

I am a big fan of SmartEtailing, and I know that many of you use their websites.  As best I can tell, their mobile offering is not adequate at this time.  You may want to bug them to come up with something way more robust. 

The cost of creating or converting your existing website to mobile will vary depending on who does the work and how complex the work turns out to be, but we should be able to deliver a conversion for under $1000 in most cases.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bike Shop Marketing To Do List for 2012

2012 To Do List for SEO, SEM, and Traditional Marketing of Independent Bicycle Retailers

It is a normal human condition to wait until the last minute to do things.  I certainly fall into the normal range in that regard.  But, at least for 2011 I am turning over a new leaf in that department.  Here is a list of goals for 2012 that I will apply to my business, and that very likely apply to every one of your businesses.  Over the next 30 days, these will be fully detailed out at in the portal.  In this spot, I will provide a short post on each of at least 15 strategies for 2012.

While my bike shop marketing consulting business does not generally take on project based work we are going to make an exception for two types of products over the next 90 days.  It is so critical for most of you that you have Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps, that we are going to take those projects.  The balance of the items on the list are all things that we do, but are only offered as part of an ongoing retainer.

Of course, we can only take on a limited number of new clients each year.  That is why I wrote the new book "Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age," and created the portal at to support and expand upon the information in the book.  At only $49.95 for the book and six months access to the portal, you can have a massive amount of invaluable information to help you do the items on the to do list yourself.

Check back every other day for more ideas for 2012.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interbike Show - NBDA Super Seminars Opens with Randy Kirk

In one short hour seminar opening the NBDA Super Seminar Retail Education Series on Tuesday September 13 at 10:30 a.m., Kirk promises to cover the following: 
    ▪    The little known secret that can jump your website to number one overnight.
    ▪    How do you use keywords to get better ranking and traffic?
    ▪    How to shoot and edit YouTube Videos that will sell bikes
    ▪    Why your visibility may not result in phone calls or traffic. 
    ▪    What is the most important reason to use Social Media Marketing

Kirk also notes that tracking and counting matter in all this.  So he also intends to spend some time talking about how to find the tools that show who is coming to your various channels and sites, how they found you, and whether they are taking action.

While Kirk has promised to make copies of his new book available after the seminar and in his booth 34087, he suggests going online to pre-order at http:/

Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Determine Your Key Words and Phrases

Randy Kirk explains in this short chapter what exactly your key words and phrases should be. A big part of getting your Google listing optimized is the key words and phrases that you use. If you can figure out the best ones for you, your listing will undoubtedly improve. Read more into this chapter to figure out how you can determine what your best key words and phrases are.
To order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age, visit our website, today.

How Do Search Engines Work?

In this chapter, Randy Kirk dives into the deep labyrinth that is Google. Many people don't know the inner workings of the search engine, and how many rules apply. Read deeper into this chapter to find out just how to master Google, as well as other search engines, to help optimize your listing.
To order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age, visit our website, today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Introduction to Web Presence

Web presence is very important in the 21st century if you want big publicity on your shop. It is key that all your information is up to date and thorough. Randy Kirk gives helpful hints on how to make you noticeable on the internet. Things like mass texts an email lists are all covered in this great chapter.
To order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age, visit our website, today.

Employee Motivation

Randy Kirk takes you through the nooks and crannies of techniques to motivate your workers. Little things like a weekly prize or a sales contest might be a couple ways to motivate. As you read deeper, you'll find the smallest things will help.
To pick up your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age, go to our website, today.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Personnel Management Isn't for Cowards

Randy Kirk takes you through the intricate details of managing your employees. He takes the time to construct a standard, mock mission job description, as well as a great example of an employee handbook. Take a deeper look into this chapter to see how to effectively manage your personnel.
To find out more, order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age from our website, today.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twenty-Five Ways to Sell More - Tomorrow

Again, we dive into the details of sales boosting. A key component to getting more sales is to make an email list, or some kind of system to keep in contact with all your customers. Going to local hangouts and organizations in your community is also another great way to boost sales.
To find out more, order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age from our website, today.

Advanced Sales Techniques

Here Randy Kirk dives into the details on how to boost your sales. When you can finally come over the fear of being told "no," it is the first step to being an outstanding salesman. As you read deeper, you learn about techniques like self motivation and sales management.
To learn more, order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age at our website, today.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sales 1A For Bicycle Dealers - 21st Century Edition

Randy Kirk dives into the basis of being a good salesman. He reveals the myths, as well the truths, to successful sales.  A deeper read reveals the fundamentals to making the most out of your sales. How to get more overall money from a sale, and how to close more efficiently. To read more, order your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age at our website today.

Introduction to Marketing - Online and Off

Randy Kirk gives a great introduction to things like the differences between advertising and marketing, and how both can be used to your advantage. The subject of goals comes into play again as they are helpful for marketing.
To find out more about Randy Kirk's secrets to marketing, visit our website to pick up your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goals Create Action

Having goals creates optimism, eliminates anxiety, and gives you something to look forward to. From the simplest goals dealing with what time you want to be home every night to complex ones like retirement plans, it is good to have something to work towards. As you read deeper into this chapter you will see how goal setting can greatly increase your business' success.
To find out more about goal setting, pick up your copy of Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age at our website, today.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Seven Reasons Why Bicycle Shops Succeed

In this first chapter, Randy Kirk goes into the details of how to make your shop succeed. Everything from your personal emotions to the physical appearance of your shop can affect the success you have. As you read further into this chapter, you will find that some of the simplest things can boost your traffic and profit through the roof.

Please visit the website to buy your copy of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age.

Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age

Randy Kirk, author and bicycle retailing and marketing expert presents his new book “Principals of Bicycle Retailing For The Internet Age”. He explains how this book is like no other book. It is backed up by pictures, videos, examples, and worksheets on In addition, it is ever-green. The purchaser of the book will have six months of access to a member’s only portal that will include updates and news on every aspect of running a 21st Century bike shop.