Thursday, December 1, 2011

BIke Shops Are Uniquely Suited for Mobile Apps

We have been digging deeply into the Mobile Website vs Mobile App debate.  We have come to various conclusions.  For some clients, the mobile website is all they need right now.  For some clients there is a crying need and benefit to an app.  And as with all things, the early adopters will have an advantage over the Johnny-come- latelies.  For bike shops, the app makes total sense.

For instance, some of my clients who jumped on email collections early, now have 4000 and more names in their list.  Those who came later have under 1000.  With Apps, you can send out notices to those who download your App.  Imagine that you had 1000 or 4000 folks getting notices from you on their iPhone App.  WOW!

Apps commonly cost $3000 and up.  But I have purchased a system which will allow me to create apps for around $750.  There are ongoing costs for hosting and the servers and changes and such.  So this one has an ongoing cost of $70 per month. 

You can include lots of great elements for your bike shop app.

1.  Event calendar - Your store events and area events
2.  Special Coupon section for app users
3.  Local trails.  These can be interactive.  Add great stops for lunch and views.
4.  Add eCommerce.  Show products and online checkout.
5.  Easy road side repair texts or videos in App size.
6.  One click phone call to your store
7.  Send out Push Notifications
8.  Use QR codes for in store specials

If you would be interested in a quote for your shop, just call Randy at 310-910-1848.  Approximate cost is $750 depending on content.

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