Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mobile Website a Must for Bicycle Retailers in 2012

Here is the top of the list for things bicycle retailers (and every other business for that matter) need to do in 2012 to keep up with the competition.  As a bicycle shop owner you need to convert your website to mobile

Go ahead.  Check yourself out.  Use your Iphone or Android phone and see what your website looks like on the phone.  Probably not that great or usable, and the navigation is probably impossible to use.  Google is now providing device information in the analytics.  We checked on one of our restaurant clients and 25% of all traffic to their website was coming from mobile devices.  We checked a bike shop and 15% was mobile.  Mostly iPad and iPhone, but plenty of Android, too.

So, you and I need to make our websites look pretty and useful on this fast growing way to communicate and advertise.  And there are things about the reasons for using a phone that need to be updated as well.  For instance, having an autodial feature on page one. 

I am a big fan of SmartEtailing, and I know that many of you use their websites.  As best I can tell, their mobile offering is not adequate at this time.  You may want to bug them to come up with something way more robust. 

The cost of creating or converting your existing website to mobile will vary depending on who does the work and how complex the work turns out to be, but we should be able to deliver a conversion for under $1000 in most cases.

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