Thursday, December 1, 2011

Videos for Bike Shops - Huge ROI for Bike Shop YouTube Videos

Roughly 50% of my business comes from the over 50 videos that I have of my amazing self on YouTube.  :  )  But the secret for almost all clients is to have those 50 videos.  47 of those 50 do almost nothing for me.  Three of them are consistent producers.  Now if you or my clients were paying $300 or more each for those videos, (the going rate) it would still probably be worth it to have $15,000 in online presence through videos.  However, we include 5 videos a month in our basic plan, so the videos cost more like $100 each.  Two bike sales from those videos would give you a solid ROI on that investment. 

And the cool thing about the videos.  They will still be bringing in business three years from now.  So, if you spend $5000 on videos and they bring in $1000 per month in profits, then over three years were talking about $36,000 for the $5000.  I'll take all of those I can get. 

My goal for 2012.  Put up at least 50 more videos and try not to scare too many little kids with those.  Your goal should be to put up 50 videos, too.  I'm willing to bet that it will be the best advertising you've ever done.

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